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photoshop image shadow creation service

What is an Image Shadow Creation Service?

Have you ever wondered what an image shadow creation service is? If you want to know better about it, we will help you get an accurate concept. In general, an image shadow creation service is a service provided by Photoshop services providers where the companies work on images where objects don't contain a shadow.

Then their pro photo retouches’ add shadow to bring the picture's naturalism back. They usually don't work upon one or two pictures. Rather, they deal with small or large projects containing over a hundred or at most over a thousand. These companies take a small honorarium for doing the job for you.

The necessity of this service has been for a long time. A common problem faced by photographers or online shopping store holders is that they have product photos, but the picture doesn't have a shadow. This problem is solved by artificially adding shadows. However, the shadow looks so real that it seems like the shadow was perfectly captured when we see the photo.

We should thank the shadow-making process. Because of this technique; we can increase the attractiveness of a photo more. The pictures become so natural and enhanced. They immediately create desire in buyers and make them buy the particular item. With the help of the most famous photo editing tool "Adobe Photoshop," our expert retouches’ can add shadows on thousands of photos within some days.

Why Need Image Shadow Creation Service?

Many don't understand the impact or effectiveness of image shadow creation. So, they don't feel the necessity of taking image shadow creation services. If you don't know how beneficial the image shadow creation service is, read this part out.

We will not only mention the reasons but will also explain them. So, let's look at the reasons why you need the service of image shadow creation.

More Natural Photo

People are attracted to images that look realistic. With various editing, an image is made look real. But no matter what edit you do, if you forget to put a shadow, it will never get the perfect natural appearance.

Betterment the Quality

The shadow in a picture enhances its quality too. Yes, if you put a shadow of bad quality, it will distract people instead of grabbing their attention. So, for the better economic growth of your business, you need high-quality image shadows.

Catches Attention

Every human being looks at pretty images with all the focus. It's because we enjoy the charm. The fact here is if you keep two company product photos side by side, people will always tend to look at the prettier-looking photo. So, when visiting different web shops, the buyers will compare the pictures.

The shadow of the item in the picture will attract and pull more customers to your website for purchasing.

Prevents Distraction

Usually, image backgrounds play a great role in diverting viewers' attention and distracting them with ease. When a purchaser can't see through details, he will reject the product. So, the way to get rid of such issues is by adding a white background and soft shadow to the product.

Increase Charm

After a shadow is added accurately in an image to an item, the picture's charm is increased. Because the product looks so natural and detailed. People think the photo is taken in such a way that the item would be useful.

Who Needs Image Shadow Creation Service?

If you are looking for an image shadow creation service, we want first to stop and ask you, do you need to take the service? You might answer yes or no, but the answer should be yes if you belong to the customer category below.

These are the clients we work with, and if you are one of them, you should take our image shadow creation service.

Professional Product or Model Photographer

Are you a photographer, and you specifically click model and product images? Then you belong to the people who should take the image shadow creation service. Models or items look so artificial and dull without shadows. It sometimes creates doubts whether the product is good quality?

After the pictures have a shadow in them and look real. People stop questioning the quality and trust in your photography.

Online Product Seller

Do you own an online store? Do you sell various items? Since the store isn't physical, people will look at the photos well. If the items seem artificial or fake, they will lose interest in buying from you. Hence, to gain their trust, you should make the item images look real. So, take image shadow creation service and include shadows to produce fascinating photographs. Achieve the ultimate faith from customers.


Image shadow creation service is a broad editing method indeed. It is divided into four kinds. Let's try to understand each of the types.

Realistic Shadow

Well, it's the simplest shadow-creating process, and such editing intends to make the items look natural. We are talking about the simple black shadow everything cast under the light. Often, the shadow is not captured for the bad lighting. Sometimes the shadow looks too deep, making the whole picture look weird.

So, our team has pro retouches’ who understand which angle would be good to put the shadow on and how much opacity they should keep. We can assure you that the natural shadow developed by our image editors will not bring realism to the photo but also will enhance its charm to a great extent.

Drop Shadow

Nowadays, big companies use the drop shadow edit more for the product's marketing. Drop shadows look more realistic because of the angle that they are put in. Usually, a drop shadow is added behind or below the item. Using Photoshop filters, the drop shadow is created.

Of course, photo editors control the opacity, direction, and angle of the shadows. Theybring a fresh appearance. Floating images with drop shadows are more appealing to the customers. Since it looks a hundred percent professional.

Image Mirror Shadow

It's also referred to as a reflection shadow. Such shadow is added in a way that it seems the shadow is reflecting from a background that is reflective, for example, a glass or mirror. It can create the most attractive appearance of your product and be realistic. Jewelry items look glamorous and dramatic with the mirror shadow.

Other products that require mirror or reflection shadow the most are sunglasses, showpieces, plastic products, medical items, ceramic products, and electronic equipment.

Preserve Original Shadow

In some cases, we see a picture holding its shadow, but sadly, it looks dreary due to lighting issues. Sometimes the improper capturing of images and dark background are also the reason. Here is when the preserved original shadow comes to the rescue. It recreates the real shadow and ensures the recreated shadow looks almost like the real shadow from the original image.

How does this service Help an E-commerce Business Owner?

Shadow gives us the feeling to present a product's presence. This is why it's important to add shadows to every item you sell. Whether you sell showpieces or you sell jewelry. You will get surprised to know how many benefits it can cause you. So, let's dive in and see how the image shadow creation service helps an eCommerce business owner. They are as follows.

Quality Improved

One big reason people add shadows to their product images is to improve the quality of the photo. When the photo looks high-quality, it leaves a positive impression on the consumer's mind. Their trust grows over the manufacturer and on the item's quality.

Brings Naturalism

A product picture gets a hundred percent charm and naturalism right after a suitable shadow is added. Since every matter casts a shadow in real life, the shadow is created to keep that shadow and bring natural vibes. It will make the customers believe that an item inside the picture looks the same in real life.

Catches Consumer Attention

When a shadow is added, especially the reflection shadow, it increases the prettiness of the picture to a higher level than every consumer is left amused by it. Sometimes people visit online stores to pass the time, but then they buy things that are presented well.

"text-justify">Images with reflection shadows give the product a premium look and make a viewer buy it. So, if you want to boost your online business income, you should invest a little in image shadow creation service. You will surely benefit.

Who Provides Image Shadow Creation Service?

Image shadow creation service is a part of photo editing, so; any Photoshop services provider offers the service of adding shadow to images. If you search for image shadow creation service providers, you will have many such service providers. You can find local and online companies providing the service. However, all of the suggested service providers aren't worth the trust.

You must check their work quality to understand how much effort they put into shadow creation. Also, don't forget to see the rating given by old and existing clients. If you want no regret and enjoy the benefit of shadow creation service, then our service will serve you right.

We are one of the trustworthy image shadow creation service providers. We can assure you of the best quality outputs. Because our team is huge and all our professional retouchers handle many and different projects every day.

Since we have been on this platform for years and successfully offer and provide shadow creation services, you can contact and enjoy the amazing image shadow creation service you desire.

Why Are We Best for You?

Of course, if you are careful with choosing online services, you must be thinking, why try us? What makes us best for you? Indeed it's a good question, and we should properly give answers. So let's look at the reasons why we are best for you?

Better Quality Output

The most important thing to look at at any service is how good their quality is? Because no one even imagines wasting their money taking a service that provides lower quality products. Fortunately, we gladly never disappoint our clients with the quality. Whether it is a shadow-adding edit or any other, we ensure high-resolution pixel-perfect Images.

Never Misses Delivery

We will never forget delivering you the output right before the deadline expires. However, we always work on a tight schedule, yet we ensure all our clients receive the final outputs before they need them.

Deliveries on Time

Would you like to make contracts with a company that answers your queries and emails late? Of course not. We know how important it is to keep in touch with our consumers. They might have to change or add more to the quantity, the necessity can be any of the customers, and they will try to inform us of their next plan.

We make sure they get the proper chance to make further conversation with us. Or else they will face trouble later. Therefore, if you are thinking of giving us the contract, we can guarantee you a friendly conversation with us any time.

Affordable Price

A deal becomes the best when you are offered great quality at an affordable price. It will inspire you for further service purchases. We know the importance of staying on budget. So, we made our price list affordable enough for you.

Final Words

It's undeniable how great Image shadow creation service works for creating realistic shadows. The moment you decide to spend some cash and try this service is the moment you open the doors of further business opportunities for you.

Whatever edit you use to enhance your model or product photos; it still looks dull without a shadow. Hence, try out the image shadow creation service and give your product photographs exactly what it requires.

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