Image Retouching Services at a Cheap Rate

Image Retouching Services at a Cheap Rate

No matter if you own a business or just got married, your pictures surely need retouching. Whether it’s e-commerce or personal branding, people always look for quality image retouching services at a cheap rate.


According to a report by Business Research Insight, the photo editing software market is growing at a CAGR of 4.9% in 2022. The good news is that you can get the retouching service at a very cheap rate.


Even the best quality pictures can come in an affordable price range. Here are some websites that offer image retouching services at a cheap rate.


  1. FixThePhoto


Apart from being one of the cheapest, FixThePhoto is a reputed image retouching service in this industry. Their photo editing starts at only $0.20! Retouching can cost $2.50 per image.



FixThePhoto offers services like weddings, products, real estate photo editing, and photo restoration. They also take customized orders. You can go straight to their website and get a quotation for the required work. 


According to customer reviews, their services are pretty fast and reliable. You can check their example before and after pictures to compare. The live chat option will help you communicate easily. They will get back to you shortly.  


  1. Clipping Path Asia


Clipping Path Asia is another popular image editing service within an affordable price range. Its basic photo editing starts at $0.45. And their per-image retouching price is $2.


This service also offers multi-clipping, image masking, background removal, and photo restoration. There is a trial option available for you to edit three pictures free of charge. After getting the output, you can decide what to do.


Most of the customers are satisfied with their quick response. They have a good reputation and a good number of repeat customers. 


The best way to communicate is through their website. There, you’ll get a live chat option to make your communication smoother. You can also ask for a quotation for your required editing work. 


  1. FixiPixi


FixiPixi is another image retouching service at a cheap rate and is well known for its work. The website might seem simple, but their editing surely is. They are offering you a free trial to edit one image. 

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This service provides almost all kinds of editing, from basic retouching to photo manipulation. They work in three simple photo-clipping packages, with the basic package starting at $0.49 per image. Their moderate clipping package is $0.99, and the complex one is capped at $1.99.


If you go to their website, you will find the option to get a quotation for your work. They promise to provide you with a quote within an hour. Their previous customers are in love with their quality. Some of them have praised FixiPixi’s timeliness.


  1. Ephotovn


Ephotovn provides lucrative image editing services. Their before-after example might steal your sight for a moment. This website provides high-end photo retouching and background removal services. The most mind-blowing fact is that they can get 1,000 pictures edited in just 24 hours!


The basic product photo retouching starts at $0.50. And the portrait retouching price range is between $2 and $8 per picture. Though their website does not offer any quotations, you can use their live chat option for further queries.


This website specializes in high-end portrait retouching and product photography. The price range is also slightly higher than other websites mentioned before. If you are looking for real estate photo editing, I would suggest you choose another service. 


  1. Clipping Path Expert

Clipping Path Expert

Clipping Path Expert is another low-cost but better image retouching service. This website might not give you elegant portrait retouching like Ephotovn, but it will not disappoint you either. The best thing about this service is that you can get 10 free trial edits!


Another attractive fact about this website is its pricing. Except for vector conversion, all of their per-picture editing options are under $1, starting at $0.35. 


This website offers a quotation as per your requirements According to the users, this website has the ability to deliver a bulk of editing work within a short time. And the pictures come out to be well-sized and clean. It’s a value for money.

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  1.  Retouch Pilot

Retouch Pilot

This is another hidden gem in this industry. For single or bulk image editing/retouching, Retouch Pilot does a good job. This website has one free trial option in which they will edit one picture of yours within 24 hours.


The pricing is pretty fair compared to others. Basic editing starts at $0.25 per image. And the premium retouching with their highest service level will cost you $9.5 each. They offer almost all types of edits, and the output is decent enough.


Retouch Pillot promises to deliver your order ready to use within 24 hours. They also have free after-sales service, which is a plus. By maintaining good communication with clients, they try their best to produce the desired images.


Few Tips

  • Always look at their terms and conditions before the deal
  • Check reviews on Google if you are using a new service
  • Be sure about the delivered image quality
  • Always take the free trial
  • Keep the communication clear
  • Check the late delivery policies
  • Do not hesitate to take the after-sales services
  • If you are satisfied with the service, give them 5 star review



Throughout the years, images have been a crucial part of our visual communication. In the form of memories or advertisements, people always like good pictures. Retouching and editing added a dimension to this medium of communication.


Different AI tools like Canva, Pixlr,, etc. surely brought fun into the image editing world. But good images still need a professional touch to communicate with people. Whether it’s an event or a business campaign, we love to see ourselves or our product as the best looking.


That is why most businesses look for image retouching services at a cheap rate because who does not want to save some and earn more?


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